My Story

M.J. Bryant is a passionate and professional educator in Brooklyn, New York. Originally from Alabama, M.J. Completed his BA at The University of Alabama and his MA at CUNY Brooklyn College. During graduate school, M.J. was selected as 1 of 7 graduate interns for the New York State Assembly. In this capacity, he served as the only Graduate Teaching Assistant and managed 4 undergraduate Political Science courses while he worked with the NYS Higher Education Committee during the 2016 Legislative Session.

Throughout his life, M.J. has shown love, dedication and the ability to galvanize his peers and members of his community. In middle school, M.J. began tutoring his brothers, friends and neighbors. He soon fell in love with teaching, and built valuable relationships with many of his teachers learning some of the valuable techniques that he still uses today. By high school, M.J. was determined to use his voice to fight for a quality education for all of Alabama’s children despite their zip code. He led voter registration events and worked with progressive candidates to pass laws that supported ameliorating classrooms, for students and teachers, across the state. After moving to New York City to study at Brooklyn College, he worked with New York Youth Support Program to provide respite, mentorship and homework help to young boys across all 5 boroughs in the city.

Once M.J. became a teacher, he travelled around the world and met with students and teachers to observe alternative methods of instruction, teach and to inspire his students and families to travel the world. He uses this wealth of experience to provide students with world class instruction and to foster academic excellence in his students. He realized that John Maxwell was right, “Students don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” and Mr. Bryant routinely shows his students that they are valuable, they are smart and that they can master the skills that are giving them trouble. His determination, effectiveness and wealth of best practices led him to be 1 of 5 teachers, at B.W.M.S., awarded for exceptional gains on the New York State Exam in 2019. In 2020, students and families beseeched Mr. Bryant to provide tutoring outside the classroom. By February, he started MB Tutoring—a national online tutoring company for students of all ages. Within the first 3 months of operation, MB Tutoring provided tutoring to more than 30 students from 5 American states. In the Fall, MB Tutoring will host in-person and online sessions for students needing assistance in ELA and Math.

M.J. has decided to stamp his best practices and recommendations for teachers and students by writing his first book, “Teach like a Celebrity.” The book is for teachers of all content areas and is accompanied by “Confidence” a unisex fragrance that vitalizes your confidence throughout the day. They both are great for professionals, students, teachers or anyone that is looking to boost their confidence in their lives or profession or anyone looking for a new everyday fragrance. These and all things MB can be found in the store, Shop MB.