The Celena Thomas Memorial Scholarship Application Center

Celena Thomas
July 5, 1970 - September 14, 2021

Celena Thomas was the very first person to donate to MB Tutoring. She believed in and consistently supported our mission. We are forever indebted to her. Celena graduated from Florida A & M University, and she was a devoted member of the Alumni Association. She was a tenacious advocate regarding recruitment and scholarship for students to attend HBCUs. As a tribute to Celena's exemplary life of service, support and love, MB Tutoring is rewarding 3 outstanding graduating high school seniors with $1,000 each. The scholarship application, with all attachments, is due on Tuesday, January 17, 2023. Winners will be announced at the MB Tutoring Year 3 Gala on Sunday, February 26th at noon in New York City.

Rules for Scholarship Contest

Applicants must be a graduating senior planning to attend a HBCU in fall 2023. Must have a 2.5 grade point average or higher.
Applicants must have 2 school or community based references.
Applicants must submit a writing sample that responds to our prompt. Strong writing samples will be 2-3 pages, double-spaced and well written.
Applicants must submit their application by Tuesday, January 17, 2023.

Scholarship Essay Prompt

Describe yourself as a student. How will this scholarship make a difference for you?


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